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Winter driving is coming our way... so its time to tune up our street survival and our skills for driving in adverse conditions! And there is no better way to sharpen your skills or learn them them for the first time than to join us on Sunday, November 17th at Pacific Raceways for the second Driver Skills and HPDE event of the year, hosted by NW Alfa Romeo Club.
Driver Skills will be 8:30am-Noon, and HPDE will be 12:30pm-5pm.

Registration is open now open for both the Driver Skill and HPDE events:

The intent of the Driver Skills course is to provide valuable skills through driving exercises that reinforce "heads-up" driving, improved car control techniques, understanding of balance and weight transfer, and understanding of car/systems capabilities and limits. We encourage those drivers who:
- feel timid or nervous behind the wheel (perhaps due to involvement in a collision)
- have recently purchased a new vehicle (perhaps it's more powerful or larger than what you've owned before)
- are newly licensed or teen drivers and pre-licensed teens with Driver's Permits
- simply want to have some fun learning new skills and driving their car

We will have a short classroom introduction and discussion prior to the driving exercises, and instructors will be helping drivers through the skills exercises from inside and outside the cars. Instructors are also available for dedicated one-on-one help if needed. The course will be taken in your daily driver vehicle, so please be sure to check the condition of you vehicle before attending. Please visit our sponsor PROVA Motorsports for a professional safety check of your vehicle and for any service that might be required (Prova Motorsports).

For more experienced sport drivers there will be a separate afternoon HPDE/Lapping program following the Driver Skills Clinic from Noon to 5pm. To register for this HPDE program you must have documented experience driving on the track at Pacific Raceways as a signed-off “solo” driver. If you have driven Pacific only once or twice and have not yet been signed off to solo drive, then we have instructors available for all-day coaching or a “check-ride.” You may register for both the morning skills course and the afternoon lapping program as a combo package, otherwise only one or the other. If you haven't prepped your car for track driving or need to check your vehicle before track driving, be sure to contact our sponsor PROVA Motorsports for any prep or services that might be required (Prova Motorsports).

Registration is open now for both events:

SPECIAL $50 DISCOUNTED PRICE - Teen drivers 18-years and younger holding either a valid Drivers License or Learners Permit (must bring and present at sign-in, no photo copies)
Driver Skills Clinic - $95 per driver (over 18-years old)
HPDE Lapping - $175 per driver

Both of these events will sell out quickly, so register right away to secure your spot.
Please don't hesitate to call or email me directly if you have any questions about this event.

Questions? Call Mirko Freguia / Chief Driving Instructor - NWARC 206.795.0861
[email protected]
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