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This is mostly a "check me on this" sort of question.
I've got a propshaft vibration that smooths out (mostly) around 2500 rpm.
The PO had just done the Guibos and support bearing, and he thought it was the bearing. He just drove it anyway (boggle).
He also drove a full set of shredded CV boots, which had me under the car this afternoon replacing halfshafts.

Two things.
The rearmost guibo looks like the driveshaft is about 3mm shorter than it should be. The flange 'ears' are deforming the guibo towards them, so that the molding line on the guibo is visibly wavy. OTOH, I've never held a new one, so I don't know if they should be flat or not. I didn't loosen the bolts, but I'd bet that the guibo would 'relax' to flat if I did.
My first thought that I could include appropriate washers in the bolt stack to add the necessary thickness. Nice big washers. Is that an acceptable kluuge? I'm going to replace the guibo anyway, since there are visible cracks in less than a year.
Any easy sources for those big hose clamps to compress it?

Second, the rear engine mount (bellhousing mount) is visibly off-center. PO told me that he failed to drive it all the way through, and apparently couldn't think of a rig for the job. I'm guessing that's a factor in the vibration I'm getting. The mount is probably 2mm off-center. If it doesn't matter, I'm happy. There's enough else to fiddle with.

And last (sorry). The Haynes manual says there are two pad adjusters per caliper. I can only see one. I have an extra transaxle on the floor with calipers, and I can still see only one. Am I missing this or is Haynes wrong?

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