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Drive Your Alfa To The Rugby World Cup Finals Today!

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England Versus South Africa! Doesn't get any better than this...

The Three Lions Pub - Home

Three Lions Pub in Redmond - Noon!

Buzz me at 425.941.4747

Cheers, JvR
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So, am I correct "you guys" won? I think so - congrats!

Yeah man - it was great! (Green Springbok rugby-knits everywhere (still wearing mine today!)

Overall - not a good weekend to be English! Some pissed-off Brits out there today with Hamilton and the McLaren boys out of the celebration now as well... :D

Not so good if you're a pom/limey living in Cape Town :( Still, congrats to the 'boks - they were the best team of the tournament!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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