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cut-n-paste from an earlier post:
When you say the "drive shaft support donut" has 1/4" of play are you referring to the rubber cushion around the driveshaft support bearing or the "donut" aka qiubo?

It is normal for the driveshaft support bearing's rubber cushion to allow the driveshaft to wiggle a bit. The bearing itself shouldn't have appreciable play. It would be unusual for the "donut" to have any play. If it is cracked or missing any chunks of rubber it should be replaced before further driving. It it fails at speed it can cause quite a bit of damage.

The drive shaft bearing assembly (I don't think you can replace just the rubber bit) does need to be pressed on & off. I have read that some got lucky and were able to R/R it using a large vise and hammer. But a press is how the shop manual shows it being done and how most folks here have reported getting it done.
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