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Stop to packages and bags of all kind on your Lambretta.
Start to DRIVE CLEAN with Elvezio’s Bag!

This useful Lambretta’s bag produced by Elvezio Esposito can be used also as backpack and can be carried as a normal bag. The used fabric is very resistant, colorful, vintage and the same time retrò, since the vinyl is the one that we use to produce classic cars interiors. The chosen colors match the Lambrettas colors, in fact if you own a red and white Lambretta you can choose to buy for example a red and white bag. The entire bag is MADE in ITALY, using Italian fabrics and totally handmade from our experts in Elvezio’s shop. In the pictures above, we show you one of the two versions that Elvezio produces, which is more accessorized with pockets, front elastic net and several strings to hang up the helmet.
For more information on our Lambretta’s products please write me an email to [email protected].

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