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Drained battery mystery solved, now radio don't work!!??

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Alright, so I figured out why my battery was drained, completely, (stuck indoor courtesy light) but while testing the passenger side courtesy light it, seemed to spark when I plugged in the wrong connection.
Left the lights unplugged to not risk that event (drained battery) again but radio would not come on. I checked all fuses and relays, all were/seemed fine. All other accessories are fine.

Now what, blown fuse INSIDE the radio?
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Bummer !!
There could be an in-line fuse at the radio harness.
If you have a VOM or test light, I would check each end of each fuse to ground to confirm that voltage is there and the connection is good.
The car is probably worthless now. Just sign the title over to me, leave the keys under the seat and I'll take the heap off your hands.

No, huh?

Is everything else (electrical) working? I believe the radio circuit also has the turn signals & hazard lights. If they don't work then replace the fuse even if it looks OK. Many radios do have either an in-line fuse in the power supply or a fuse in the back of the unit. You'll likely have to remove the radio to find it.
"the radio circuit also has the turn signals & hazard lights"-correct, I checked the fuses and all are fine.
You both are probably right, it's an in-line fuse in/behind the radio.

Funny thing is, I have the same situation with my 1980 MGB, must be me :)
If the radio is indeed Dead, I have and OEM radio from a 92 spyder works fine, sometimes the backlighting on the dial drops out, but the numbers are still readable. Twenty bucks + the shipping takes it and I'll provide the code. I don't recall seeing an in-line fuse when I replaced mine, but that doesn't mean there's not one!

I have an aftermarket radio/CD player, but I'll keep in touch .
Keith, you are like the Kryptonite of automotive wiring :D Let me know if you get stuck and I can swing by some weekend to take a look at the radio: we can probably sort it out.

Francos: I'll take that S4 radio if Keith doesn't want it...I've been looking for a spare. Let me know.
Gimmie a PM with your address info, and I'll search out a suitable box along with bubble wrap as well as figure out what the shipping cost will be. Postal MO works for me once we get all the details worked out.

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