In anticipation of selling my 1969 GTV, I am cleaning out my spares (both new and used). Many of these are new as they were purchased for the restoration and were not needed. Many are the originals that were replaced or used spares purchased as backup.. A list is provided below. If something does not sell by the time I sell the car, remainder of spares goes into the trunk and are included with car when it is sold.
As an Alfa owner for over 20 years and a member of CAROC for 30, I am not asking for “new” pricing – just fair. Shipping is extra. Pictures are available; however, there are limits. Most of the pictures include several parts, as I have them arranged by storage location. (boxes, tubs, loose, etc.). Most of the two pages of parts are not available as I am retaining them for the future owner of the car.
I have hundreds of pictures of the car, and it is not available at this time, so I will not provide those. I have two jobs, am 74 years old, and time is precious.

Three Fuel gauges and sending unit - see my other listing
Four chromed gauges (see my other listing)
Temp gauge (Jaeger) SOLD
Door seal retainers – 2 (still in bags – hold outer door seal that is on B pillar) $40
Air Filters for original 1750 injection system – new P117 and Oil filters for original oil filter SOLD
Shift knob – red and black – (complete - still in bubble pack ) $10
Original 69 GTV oil filter assembly (complete including mounting fixture) $30
Original steering wheel (cracked, black plastic with center cap) SOLD
Original cams (approximately 40k) SOLD
Bosch H-4 headlights (5.75 “) – includes 2 Narva 12V 120/90W 48901 p43t-38 bulbs SOLD
(new in box) connector for bulbs and rubber seals for back of headlight SOLD
One front and one rear bumper for 69 GTV (Front bumper includes hang-down lights complete SOLD
One flywheel locking tool $75 ( essentially new) Alfa mechanic of 40+ years said this was the most useful too ALFA ever made. This is the real deal.SOLD
Flywheel ring for 1750 no chips or obvious wear 110 tooth $125 + shipping
Full set of lug studs and nuts (some additional chromed are included) All in good condition. $35