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Door Panels for Giulia TI

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I am now trying to sort out the interior of my TI. For this particular car, there are two panels per door; the top panel is molded rubber with built-in door handle/arm rest, the lower part is just vinyl wraps around particle board.

I need to either restore my existing upper part for each door or find new panels. Any suggestion on restoring them or find new parts? The other option is to make the door panels similar to later Super but I rather keep the original look for now.
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Hi mate

Have you by any chance had a talk to a good interior trimmer, to see if they can make what you need. I only ask, as I too needed new door cards to replace the ones which were on my Super. In my case I am restoring a '69 Biscione but turning it into a '66-67 clone of a Giulia Super.

My trimmer made up complete new door panels for mine and IMHO they look great. The only one really minor thing being that the insert in the ashtray panels on the rear door cards should have not been in black but rather the same colour as the door card, but I didn't realise this at the time.


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