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Door Lock: Very Strange

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I've been pretty quiet since I got my 164 about a month ago. Getting a little paint and cosmetics done. Changing fluids, belts and hoses. New stereo (Pioneer with Bluetooth). Going to refurbish the leather. Just spruicing her up and fixing a few odds and ends.

Most everything is done, pick the car up at Group2, drive down the road with a grin on my face.

Happen to notice that the "door open" warning light is on. Shows the front passenger door as the problem. I lean over, give it a yank, seems fine to me. Pull into the driveway, and start to unload some odds and ends. Some stuff on the passenger's side. Walk around to open the door. No can do. Back to the driver's seat again. Push the lock/unlock button, try the door nothing but a clunk when I pulled on the handle. Not much different then the sound one gets when the door opens. Except, this time the door doesn't open.

Next, I pull up on the knob. Try again. Nothing, not even a clunk. Handle moves, that's it. Hit the lock/unlock button a few times. Knobs go up and down. Now here's a good one: After hitting the unlock and the passenger door button now in the up position, I then try to open the door with the handle. Presto, all four door locks, lock. Hmmmmm, pull passenger door handle to open door, all doors lock. At that point I gave up.

FYI, door lock had worked before. Even after the speaker was R & R'd.

Going to take the car East of the mountains in two days. Told my girl friend about the problem and said (with a grin on my face), "Well honey I guess I'll just have to chauffeur you around while you sit in the back seat. Hey, you might as well sit there you back-seat drive anyway." :rolleyes: Fortunately, she either realized I was kidding, or knew I was already PO'd about the lock and let it slide.

Well, any ideas?
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Most likely the lubricant (grease or whatever) in the lock and at linkage mechanism has either dried up or gummed up. Or, there's some corrosion that prevent the lock and linkage to operate smoothly. It might help for a short period if you spray some lubricant at the lock and the inside linkage. The better fix (IMO) is to take the lock apart, clean and re-lubricate it. Especially for those who live in cold areas, moisture that get inside the lock will increase the possibility that the lock will get frozen at the worst time of the year. Here's my writeup if you like to read about my experience.
It may be a lube-issue if it persists... Right now, if the door is locked but not latched all of the way, it may also be stuck! CAREFULLY push on the door from the outside (over the lock-area) and shut it all of the way! DON'T force it!

Then, you want to cycle through this thing once!

1) Get in the car, close all of the doors all of the way. (Leave the bloody remote alone will ya!)
2) Start the car - verify that the faint little red alarm light at the top of the dash-display in the center-top of the instrument-cluster - is not flashing!
3) Hit the central door lock button on the center console ONCE to lock the doors. Hit it again to unlock the doors!
4) Roll the driver-side window down (just in case!)
5) Turn the car off, get out and take the key with you - shut the door!
6) Open and shut all doors once to make sure that they are all shut!
7) Hit the remote button ONCE! Doors should all lock!
8) Hit it once again - it should unlock them all!
9) Get in and drive the car - quite playing with the buttons! ;) :D

Seriously Norm, sometimes they just get pusswhumpuss! They don't like a great deal of pushing and messin' with and if you lock it using the remote and then unlock with the key by accident once the light flashes on the dash (as you're driving down the road...)

Then you have to pull over, turn it off and use the remote to cycle through it once!

Stay consistent - use the remote or use the key!

Don't use the remote from inside the car or while driving!

There is also a reset-mode key-hole on the right inside of the trunk!
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You can't see me, but I am now kneeling down, facing North (Ballard) and bowing to the Wizard of the Northwest.

Before I read the previous post I talked to JJ on the phone. He gave me the gist of his reply. I must admit I was not optimistic that his thump on the door solution would work. However, I followed the Wiz's instructions and, Voila - two thumps and the door opens.

I don't use the remote and may not even use the key in the future. I may just use this new double-secret method of locking and unlocking the doors. ;) Much funkier.

Well, I guess my girl friend will continue to be able to back-seat drive from the front seat. :rolleyes:
I almost forgot. Thanks BlackAlfa for the reply and fantastic link to a fix I hope I never have to perform.

I think to avoid that possibility, I will clean and lube the mechanisms at my earliest opportunity.
Norm you broke my car? This is going to void your warranty for sure.:p
****, I forgot to read the fine print! :rolleyes:

Hey is your signature getting longer?
Just a little.
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