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Dear All Colorado Alfisti,

Sadly we lost Don Knopp Last week. Anybody that owns or owned an Alfa Romeo knew Don and his family and had a friendship with them. Don and Shirley Knopp were very active in the Alfa Club of Colorado for many years, often sponsoring many events and also participating in all the tours and drives we took.

Don owned and operated Alfa Knopp's Auto Repair from 1970 to 1999. Don Knopp was a factory trained mechanic and authorized trainer on Alfa Romeos. Don Knopp had U.S. patents on the internal combustion engine using his innovative Bi-Directional Combustion Manifold. Don and Bob Raub (3R) owned some small shops together before 1970 and they raced many older Alfas together winning nearly all of their races.

Don will be sorely missed both in Colorado and Nationally. He was a true genius with everything Alfa and taught me so much in the 3 years I apprenticed at his shop from 1996-1999.

Godspeed and REV High Don!!!!!

If anybody has some pictures of these past events and Don please attach to this thread and add your stories!!!
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