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Dollar at par

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The canuck buck,has reached parity for the first time since 1976.This makes buying parts for my alfa a heck of a lot cheaper ,anyone else celebrating.On a related note,anyone considering buying a new car in the states,we are being gouged by our dealers.
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I bought a 1974 GTV with my 96 cent dollar :D
My previous GTV and a lot of expensive parts were bought with the 65 cent dollar :(
I am not celebrating.

I went back to my old home in Ireland last week. My US dollars didn't go far at all. I am now the poor guy in the family!

Those $7.50 pints were difficult to swallow...
I used to cringe ,when calculating the exchange on my alfa purchases,i am looking forward to my next purchase,can 1.05 be far off!
Before buying a NEW car in the US, check the Canadian Dept of Transport list. Car models made for the US market do not necessarily meet the Canadian requirememt ( like seat mounts, restraints, bumpers etc.,). Also remember that there is some costs in getting the car into Canada, thast ensure it meets DOT requirements (import certification, $250 or so). Also you will need a sefety check and possibly emission test (not sure). Some cars are also subject to a 6.1% import duty and of course PST and GST at the USD conversion rate they use which boosts the par conversion by 2 to 2.5%. Today to buy a par USD it costs 1.02%.
Also as an "imported" car (odometer/ spedometer in miles) some dealers won't touch it on a trade in. I experienced this on a Honda Accord, made in Ohio when I went to buy an Acura.
So my point is: make sure the differential is worth the hassle.

On buying used 15 year old Alfas You should hurry, cause they are CHEAP in terms of USD and they are being snapped up. Law of supply and demand would indicate that they are going to become more expensive.

Best regards, Elio
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