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Hi Mark,

Somewhere on this BB, I wrote about how I was needing manuals, and asked the Alfa Archive if they could help. After becoming a member on their website, they asked for the details of my car (an August 1969 GTJr), and my address to verify who I was.
Blow me down if a few weeks later, a COMPLETE set of copies of the manuals turns up by courier, for free!
Owners manual, body manual, engine, gearbox, suspension, parts book. The whole lot.
I'm just going out now, but when I come back, I'll see if I can find the post I did, and I'll link it to this thread.

Ok, here is the thread where I describe how I got my manuals.

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Hi there,

Does anyone have such a thing as a scanned image or PDF of a 1969 GT Owner's Manual in English by any chance?

I'd dearly love to read one.


Small world! I just bought a 1300 GTJ owner's manual off of Ebay USA just because it came with an international dealership directory I was looking for.
When they arrive, I'll scan and email you the front cover of the owner's manual. If it matches your car, it's yours for the cost of shipping :)

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Manuals and Brochures

Hello All,
I have the following that I can scan and email if any would like -
2 1969 Alfa GT Junior 1300 8 page color fold out brochure. Both are in English
1 1969 Guide to service network in English, Italian and German.
1 1969 owners manual but it is in Italian - if your interested.

I would be interested in the English version of the owner's manual if anyone could send me a copy. I would appreciate it.

Graham, thanks for the info about the registration site and manuals they sent you. I just went there and registered to try to get them myself. Hopefully I completed it correctly.

I can send a copy of the cover just as Il Veccio mentioned to see if its what your looking for.
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