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Do any suppliers have gas caps?

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I know this has been covered here but I can't find the old threads. Do any suppliers have gas caps in stock?
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New gas caps...

Supposedly DiFatta Brothers have a very small number of gas caps. I am still in the process of making new ones from scratch. Check out this thread if you are not familiar with what I am talking about....

In fact, now that I am in my new house, I need to get back on that!!

Good Luck

You can try and give them a call. When I lost mine earlier in the year they were out, with none coming. If they have had some made, that would be great, but I doubt it. Some of the major Alfa parts suppliers (not naming names, do not want to start anything here) have a habit of leaving things in their catalogs for up to two years after they go NLA. I think the reasoning is that if enough people ask for something, they will make it happen. Give it a try. In fact, call all of them. Hopefully someone will have a shelf full of new ones in the box. They would be worth their weight in gold!!

Are the euro gas caps the same? Externally they look the same. I gotta believe with all the 75s still running around and their annual inspections there must be a supplier. I had no luck with on line searches but I will check with my Uncle who is a member of both the Swiss and German Alfa clubs.
Try APE; Alfa Parts Exchange. I bought one for a GTV6 in the past from him. or ph# 209 833-8330. Steve
the same?

From a mechanical standpoint they are all the same. The gtv6, Milano, 75, etc. all have the same cap "mechanism". But the handle part tends to differ. A milano cap will fit a gtv6 but not vice versa. The Australian twinspark 75 cap is very similar to the gtv6 design, but I think it is Milano sized.

Either way, I set up my cap making "factory" (work bench...) last night and am getting some supplies tonight. I should have some more prototypes for testing by the end of the week.

The first prototype has been on my Verde for months now with no problems except for one internal failure. I have an improved design for this set, and better gaskets. I will make them available as soon as they are ready. Cross your fingers...

Milano and euro 75 V6 have the same cap.
The cap from a 75 TS will not fit on a V6.
In Europe the gas caps are also no longer availlable.
Tim, keep up the good work!
Try Rayce - Import Parts Specialists

Not sure that it will look like the original but it is priced reasonably. The one they sell for the GTV-6 does not look like the factory cap but does work.
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