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How to refinish steelies on a budget. This involves repainting your rims using spray bomb/rattle cans.

What you'll need:
flat screw driver, paint marker, wire brush, 200-400 grit sandpaper, brake cleaner, clean cloth, painter's tape, paper, dull knife/flat edge, primer, paint (color choice)

-remove rims from vehicle
-mark where wheel weight are located with paint marker
-remove loose rust and paint using wire brush
-sand down rim using 200-400 grit sand paper
-clean rim using brake cleaner and cloth, then let dry off in sun
-tape off tire and valve stem
-primer rim and allow for approximately 10min dry time
-apply selected paint choice (3 coats)
-let paint dry and remove tape
-reinstall wheel weight
-reinstall rim on vehicle

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