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My rear parcel shelf and rear side panels were 4 different shades of gray.

Here's the procedure I used to make them look brand new again. Those with additional photos feel free to add.

1. lift up firmly on the rear seatback, should pop right out. Move it out of the way.
2. if you look at the center section of the part that is attached to the rear lift strut, look for 3 screws holding down the front of the panel. Remove screws and dont lose them (although to be honest - you really don't need them). Then, lift up firmly (or use a couple of screwdrivers) on the front flap. It clips over or friction fits over something.
3. Remove plastic hook that secures center piece over lift strut (2 screws). Slide hook down out of the way over the lift strut.
4. Now, be creative (this was the trickiest part!): You have to move both front seats forward all the way, and tilt them forward to make room for the panel to exit the car. I removed the center panel through the interior and out the pass. side door. Don't think it is possible out rear unless you remove strut at minimum.

On to the side panels (work from rear of car, outside through hatch):
1. (you'll need a drill and bits) Drill out 3 rivets on each panel holding panel to sheetmetal below.
2.Once rivets out all the way (goes through panel, metal strip, and body of car), remove the metal strip which holds trunk carpet to above panel (see photo).
3. Remove panels carefully, as the perforated part on the side of the car (inside) is attached. I had to slide mine forward and inward to get perforated part from out of sill

I wouldn't waste time recovering the panels with carpet unless they are destroyed, as they will just turn purple or gray again quickly, unless you spend some serious bucks finding the correct UV treated carpet that would be worth applying. Oh, and the big center piece would require steaming and shaping the carpet. I strongly recommend the following if yours is "shedding:"

On to the prep:
1. Go to a well ventilated area.
2. Using a hairbrush or similar plastic soft bristled brush, GENTLY go over entire panels and remove fluff (DONT press too hard or you will take out big clumps, I found this out on the first swipe).
3. Use compressed air to blow off any dust from the panels, and mask off perforated part of side panels.
4. Pick your favorite brand spray paint (I used Krylon Satin Black with a nice spray nozzle [fan spray pattern rather than cone pattern]) and apply evenly. I made several passes with minimal drying time in between. By the time you get done with the first coat on all the panels, you'll be ready for another coat. Depending on how "thick" the carpet material you have remaining is, you may need to use thicker coats to get the paint to get to the bottom of the panel. I didn't have issues with the painting, but it did require more paint than I anticipated.
5. Let the paint dry and remove the masking tape.

1. Side panels first, be sure to slide perforated part under sill.
2. Instead of wasting time with rivets, I used a black sheetmetal screw with attached washer to screw side panels back down (don't forget the metal strip to hold trunk carpet up!). Looks great and will make it easy to remove panels if necessary.
3. Center piece - go back through interior (did you let that paint dry??).
4. 3 screws holding front of center panel to rear shelf.
5. 2 screws for rear hook over strut.
6. Rear seatback in.
7. Enjoy.

This was typed up post-procedure, so I don't have good before / after shots. This seems to be a common thing with the parcel shelfs, so thought it useful to add.


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The project worked like a charm! Thanks for the directions! My shelf looks 20 times better now. Who knew spray paint would work so well on fabric?
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