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I've rebuilt a few transmissions in the distant past, but never an Alfa's - in this case one from a '69 Spider.

I currently have it stripped down to the main components and will admit, I'm more than a bit intimidated as to how best to strip down the mainshaft. I have a horrible manual - Autobooks - though mine's not the exact same gearbox they show. I also have the parts manual for the 1750 Spider.

Like recent comments on this forum, I'm not sure what wear is acceptable. And to be candid I don't even know which end one should start to strip down the mainshaft.

Bottom line, I want to take it to someone who will do a quick turnaround and replace what needs replacing - no more, no less. Not lightening gears. Gears look good.

Suggestions/comments - including who to take or send it to within a 30 mile radius (if driving) of Irwindale (210 & 605 freeway).

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