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We always welcome new participants that help us keep our cars in top form.

I took a quick look at your web page, and have three comments

The first would be to have the option of an English language page. It is always wise to make it easy for your customer.

Secondly, the Alfa Bulletin Board is not really a formal "club". There is no structure by which an agreement could be formalized. Thus, if you wish to offer us a "discount", then we would welcome it, but it would really just be an offer from you rather than a mutual agreement.

Lastly, at first glance it appears your prices are somewhat higher than can be found elsewhere. In this internet connected world, such information is easy to find. So, whatever discount you may choose to offer should be easy to see, and matched with the very good service usually provided by the existing vendors.

I wish you much success.

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Thank you for your fast reply. I will reply here above to all your concern:

1. There is an English version of the page. You will need to click on the English flag above the logo.

2. We might offer a discount as special treat for AlfaBB friends on hand-worked part.

3. We are on the Italian market for more than 50 years. Our interiors are fully hand-made and of high quality. The prices seems to be higher compared to other companies but the quality is better than other products on the market.
All fabrics are made in Italy and we strive to use only those fabrics that respect the originality of the car, otherwise we do not produce the part.

If you have more question feel free to ask and to try our products.
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