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Disable heater circuit (sauna on wheels)

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The stepper motor is long gone, however before I can fix it I still have to drive on a daily basis in 30+ celsius heat here in Australia. Is there a quick way I can disable the hot water circuit? Even with the controls at off, and the windows open, I arrive in a sweat.
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In the top left of the first pic in this post of Steves you can see where a manual valve has been installed in the heater hose.
In the top left of the first pic in this post of Steves you can see where a manual valve has been installed in the heater hose.

Here are some more stuff we have posted and somebody in Oz also installed one valve with cable to control from ****pit but iI couldn't find up with search function :

See HV-1012 and HV-1015 valves for 3/4" size: product_HCV
If you can reach the cable that operates the air blend flap you can disconnect the stepper and push the flap to full cold. The other end of that cable is just reachable under the aquarium cover at the base of the windshield. If you can find a way to fix the flap in the "cold" position you are done.
disconnect stepper

Hey this sounds like a good fix, I'm sort of wary of cutting the heater hose and plugging it shut (which I was planning to do).
How do i disconnect the stepper? Please give me more detail. Do you mean pulling out electrical connections? Or disconnecting the cable?
Thanks heaps.


Reach thru glovebox

The manager of Mille Miglia Motors in Melbourne told me that you can access that cable somehow around the glovebox, not sure if he meant that the glovebox had to be take out, or through some access panel next to the glovebox.
There's a small panel visable when you open the glovebox (pic 1), pry open at the knotch.

Pic 2 shows the cable attached to the white lever arm.


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Looks like they reverse the controls for RHD as on LHD you access this area from the same hatch in the glovebox opening, but it is on the right hand side of the dash.

It almost loks like you can replace the stepper motor bracket on RHD cars through this hatch. My mechanic managed to replace the temperature flap control motor through this hatch on my LHD car, it took over an hour but lots less than the 10 + hours required to pull the dash and do the whole thing.

However, two years later the othe rstepper failed so the dash had to come out anyway, the distribution drum often cracks also and relaly plling the dash is the only fail safe way to do the whole job reliably. It can be done without actually pulling the dash but if you drop something or can't quite reach the screws you have to start over and pull the dash. if you're paying someone it makes sense to let them pull the dash, cheaper in the long run. The "shorter" way was a warranty dodge by ARDONA to avoid the full cost of doing every car the right way.
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