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Hi to the AlfaBB community,

I am writing here because I am selling my Diplomatic Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina. I need more room space in my garage (new upcoming projects are arriving).
Before advertising the car in BaT, I have firstly thought to share it with you here.

This genuine Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina in Blue, has been delivered new in Palermo (Sicily, Italy) in late May 1974 to the Italian Political Group named “Gruppo Parlamentare Partito Socialista Italiano” and, specifically, to its representative pro-tempore President, Sir. Vincenzo Giummarra and few months later to Sir. Pier Santi Mattarella; Former President of Sicily, promoted by Alfo Moro and brother of the current President of the Italian Republic, Sir. Giorgio Mattarella.
The car, used as a diplomatic car, was employed for formal representatives and to transport the highest figures of ARS (Assemblea Regionale Siciliana) till the end of seventies, before that “Cosa Nostra”, the Mafia organization, murdered Sir. Pier Santi Mattarella in its Fiat 132 in January 1980.
Afterwards the car has been bought by Mr. Favara who stored the car in its garage till few months ago, when I bought the car from him.
The car has 68,600 Km, conserved, genuine and never restored.
It mounts a powerful 2000 dual-camshaft motor that develops more than 130 HP. Also, the car presents a self-locking differential. Full matching number.
As a diplomatic car, this is a full-optional car, including A/C (quite a luxury accessory in 1974).
The present photos were taken when I inspected the car. Now the car is on the workshop for a general check-up and a profound exterior/interior cleaning.
I also add picture of the documents showing the ownership of the Gruppo Parlamentare Partito Socialista Italiano.
The car belongs to one of the most intriguing and fascinating period of Italy and represents a piece of history of Sicily when Mafia and Govern reached their maximum level of conflict.

The car is based in Trapani, Sicily (Italy)
Worldwide Shipping is possible.

I have no price in mind, so, I will evaluate for offers. That is why I will eventually advert the car on BaT soon.
For further information, pictures and data please write me.

Wish you a wonderful Weekend.




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