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Shulu lulu!

How about my early -70 stepnose 1300 steering column, does it differ from any other year or model?

My column looks like this: (the black electric tape is where mine is broken)

And the only stamps I can find on mine is these:

Well, now I've been offered to buy this one from Freek at GTA Parts(thank you for all your help);

...and his got this AR stamped on it:

1. Will his fit on my car?
2. Is it anywhere possible to weld my broken part? (ie. do you know anything about the quality of the forging?)
3. Why does mine not have the AR-no?

Thank you!!

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It is aluminum, I'm working on a race car now on which the owner has welded the original column. So yes.
I would think any step-nose with locking column would be the same length, and guess that all GTVs are the same, but the later-dash cars might not be. I don't have a parts book handy.
Not all Alfa castings have the numbers on them; most are done by contractors.

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