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Did 33's come out with 15" wheels

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Hi all,

A question for the forum;

Did the 33s ever come out with 15 inch wheels as new ?

Why the question ? Our race series rules state that the wheels must be the same diameter as fitted to that model. A couple of club members think that a few late model 33s did have 15 inch wheels. I'd like to get it confirmed if I can, to make sure the boys are playing by the rules !! :)

Any information appreciated.

Many thanks
David F

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In Portugal, NO never! The bigger was 14"

And I don’t have any information that was different in any country!

question about wheels

Hi to everyone...!

I have a question about 15" wheels, as I use the same size in my 33 Imola.
Do the 15" wheels harm the 33 as they never came out from the factory with 15" wheels.
The tires has this numbers: 15....60....185

So what do you think?
What are the good and the bad things about the wheels and tires that I use???

Oh Dave33, I asked a guy who used to work in ITALY to ALFA ROMEO, and he told me that the biggies size of the wheels was the 14"...

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15" wheels shouldnt be a problem, maybe it would be better if you would use 185 55 15 or 195 50 15 because 185 60 15 is quite big for 33.
All the ones I have seen have been 14"from the factory even looking through factory manuals and on the web.
PS.Are you a member of the Trofeo series in Auckland , If so say hi to Ron Dijkmans for me I used to work with him some years ago
Allen Larder
yeah ban those cheating racers!! and strip their points while you're at it ;-)

just kidding, only jealous i don't have some on mine! see you at taupo!!
Thanks for the assistance

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

All the paperwork I have seen does seem to point to 14" being the largest size wheel on the 33.

I have a club member here in New Zealand whose opinion and experience I very much respect, advise me that he had not only seen one of the very last series 3 33s come out with 15 inch rims, but had owned it !

I have heard tales of variations in original equipment from the factory with different parts used when items weren't in stock. e.g. 1500 boxer motors with 40mm carbs ! (Ever try and guess what diff ratio is in a 1.5 33 ? I've found three different ratios) It might even be a local dealership upgrade.

If anyone does spot some substantive information, I'd be very happy to hear !

For Allen - Yes Ron Dijkmans is still very active in the NZ Trofeo Series, and has a very quick, and VERY orange alfasud, currently with a 16 valve 1.7 engine installed. It is, as one would expect from Ron, beautifully prepared and well driven.

I'll pass your greetings on to him. I've attached some photos or Ron in action on the new circuit at Taupo. You might also spot the occasional photo of him on the series website Alfa Romeo racing Trofeo series

David F

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Response to 3316V

Cheers Brent
Look forward to catching up at Taupo next weekend.

Also keep an eye out for the Speedweek program on Sky Sport 2 and Prime TV Saturday afternoon The race telecast from the September meeting should be on it at some stage.

The in-car video from yours, my and Ron Dijkmans cars should feature, so keep the video set !!

David F
Thanks Dave
Ron had an alfa some 20 years ago and taled two of us in the office into Alfas as well as Mark Rantin
I had an alfa sprint at that time and have just recently bought 2 x 33's one for my son and one for me.
Regards Allen
Hi again Allen,

The Alfa bug obviously stays in the system for a long time unabated. Mark is racing in the series, and his partner has just bought a race ready sud to run in the same category as me !
David F
15" wheels shouldnt be a problem, maybe it would be better if you would use 185 55 15 or 195 50 15 because 185 60 15 is quite big for 33.
I'm running 195/55 15" wheels on my 33 s3 in the summer. They should ideally be 195/50 15", as these are pretty close to the diameter of the original 185/60 14", but the 195/55 works well and aren't too bad for the comfort.

185/60 14" = 57.76 cm diameter (original on a 1.7 ie)
195/50 15" = 57.60 cm diameter (0.28% smaller than the original)
195/55 15" = 59.55 cm diameter (3.01% larger than the original)
33 1.5 Monte Carlo Quadrifoglio Verde
limited edition to germany in 1984
Zender 7J15 Turbo alloy wheels from factory new ;) :D
Hi "Face" thanks for that,

Its the first sign I have personally seen of a 33 with 15 inch wheels.

FYI The New Zealand Alfa Trofeo Series has a class structure, and a restricted category that we run requires the car to have wheels of a size originally fitted to the model. Will need to investigate more, but that certainly looks like there might be a basis for using 15s !

Really appreciate the information
David Frith
Im running 205/55-15 on my P4.. Its no problem at all..
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