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I'm only going to post this once. My feeling is that once is for information, repeatedly is using the ABB as a Craigs List.

I've been selling diagonal seat belts for Alfa Spiders for roughly nine years. I've recently switched to a new supplier and feel that they will work perfectly in GTV's - with the upper, slightly to the rear of the B pillar belt mount for the ratchet.

I just had a inquiry for rear diagonal belts and I can also supply them. Since I've recently gotten in a '65 GTV for restoration, which is now stripped down to the bones, I can see that the rear 'parcel shelf' metal panel would need to be reinforced - unless someone has a better idea.

I have a standard letter which I'm sending out for now until I can get my belt pages updated.

All diagonal seat belts will be a custom order since you now will have a number of choices. Should there be a coder out there I'd be happy to pay or trade diagonal seat belts for a somewhat extensive list of details that can be easily clicked on and emailed to me.

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