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Could someone refresh my memory as to what the unique seat belt situation is for 'some of' the GTV's? Seems to me that the retractor was in the back, as opposed to (where it should be) being mounted on the lower B-pillar.

I sell (have been for some time) diagonal seatbelts for Alfa Spiders and have just switched to another brand. Even though the previous retractors could be adjusted to mount in most any location, these do so without any adjustment, and are very compact. I'll add that I can now have your set re-belted - not inexpensive but if you're looking for both safety and originality, it's available.

I'm not trying to sell anyone anything, just wanting to know if I can come up with a solution for these 'difficult configurations'.

If someone here would be so kind as to send me a photo/photos of one of these hard to find replacements, I'd like to see what I can come up with.

If it has already been resolved, I'm still curious.

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