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Dellorto idle mixture screw

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Anyone have a DLHA 40 F carb rescue kit for a 16000401106 5289 A dellorto carb. I''ve lost an idle mixture screw. Any ideas!?
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I might have one for you. I have to find my box with the junk carb in it. Might take a day or two.
In case you don´t find one.... you can try Eurocarb Ltd in the Uk , I lost one idle mixture screw of my DHLA 40H and they wanted 25 bucks for one in the US, I bought them from this strore as well as the springs. They replied fast to the e-mails and the product arrived very fast...
Dellorto idle screw

Thanks you guys. I did track down Eurocarb and they have them....I won't know for sure till it arrives. They seem very helpful. About $34cdn for 2 screws and springs etc and airmail. Sure hope the others don't rattle loose. Thanks again for offer of help. Velocedoc:if you have some used carb parts let me know.
SO that they don`t get loose, yo can use a mild thread locker on the screws, but I will note recommend it since I haven`t tried. Once I had my carbs tuned, y put some grey gasket maker on top of the screws so that they dont came out due to vibrations of the engine...and so far so good.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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