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One pair of Dellorto DHLA40 from a 1980's Euro spec 1600 Giulietta sedan; rebuilt in 2014 and unused since. Jetted for 1600 with 30 venturis. $300

One early 1750 Weber/Dellorto intake manifold with screw in thermostat; no bypass hose to the water pump. $175

NOS screw in thermostat for above. $35

Euro 1750 or 2000 cylindrical air filter assembly (select either, I keep the other one). Missing clamps. $100

Or $500 for everything.

To make a complete Spica to Weber conversion, you'll need an airbox support, an air filter, carburator flex mounts, an accelerator pedal assembly and the clamps to hold the air filter on its base.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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