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Offered here, a set of Dell Orto 45mm DHLA P Carburetors. These are Jetted for a Lotus Esprit with 37mm Chokes, 160 Mains,230 Air Corr. 58 Idle and 45 acc. pump jets. they also com with 45mm Velocity Stacks and New Foam filters. These are way too much for my Custom Volvo P1800. You can actually see these running on our U Tube Video, "Volvo P1800 Penta Custom" . These were just removed today, 11-22 and need nothing, Ready to Run. $595. plus shipping to USA Only.
I also have a set of Solex 40 ADDHA Carbs on a Euro Manifold with good Rubber Mounts.
and a Pair of Dell Orto 40 DHLA N Carbs. Both of these sets jetted for 2.0ltr Alfa w/ 32mm Chocks. Best offer on these. [email protected] in Oregon


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