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I had the day off , it was sunny why not go parts-hunting?
The sight isn't for the faint hearted , if you listened more carefully these beauties almost pleaded: "Take me home" , "saaaave me".
-Needed some camshaft caps from a 75 which was standing on the top of a pile of berlines 5-6 metres off the ground. I was on top of it holding onto NOTHING trying to break the hood free - Dangerous deed. By the way 1.6 75 cam caps are they good for the 2.0 of the 75?


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One more thing...the bertones were "licked clean"
Get any good figs off that tree while you were there? One of the Giulietta Berlinas still has an engine. The downdraft Solex carb on that engine is pretty rare from what I understand, although I'm not sure if that's just on the 750s. I've always liked visiting junkyards. Even though it's kind of disheartening to see that carelessly crunched GTV (by a Super no less) it's kind of cool to see that there are junkyards in this world that still have cars like that sitting around in them.

I too visit the junkyards occasionally, looking for a part I know i won't find for the Mustang or Alfa. Poke my head in an old 40-50 something Buick, and it still smells like a 40- 50 something Buick. Saw two 49 Merc's the other day. One in the junkyard, and one on the street with a full bore old school customized restoration.....longed for my 49 Maroon Marauder straight eight...
They shoot old horses don`t they?
Sad very sad.What we alfisti think as dreams come true others think as souless scrap metal.
On one side it's sad.
On the other hand for me it is like a small child in a toy super market! :)
It is in NATO avenue isn't it?
Old horses never die if you love them! ;)
I also assume it's in the NATO avenue.
Too many Greeks in this post :)
It is NATO-I see you guys DO walk around.Nice.
The guy who has the junkyard is a very nice guy but try to negotiate a price with him...i laughed my *** off when a gypsy came along trying to sell him a wrecked BMW the dialogue was precious...
-Alfa10530 right on!
Any of you guys visited the ODY site?? It's next on my list...
By the way i was searching for a 2l oil pan(the twinspark swap)...he said 100euros - where can i find it cheaper?
By the way i was searching for a 2l oil pan(the twinspark swap)...he said 100euros - where can i find it cheaper?
Have you tried ebay? (German ebay would be a good place to look)
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