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Dealing with asbestos

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I am pulling up the sound deadening material under the carpet in my Super. I have reviewed all the threads regarding this procedure. It seems their is no concensus on whether this material is asbestos. I am going on the assumption that it does contain asbestos.

So, besides a good filtration mask and gloves, are there other precautions when working with asbestos?

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I'm fairly certain that it doesn't contain asbestos as grinder sparks will set this stuff to smoldering pretty readily. At least the stuff on the firewall and tunnel is that way. I know of at least one Super that went up in flames because of padding catching on fire. If you're talking about the coating on the very bottom of the floor that chips or scrapes off, I doubt that it has asbestos since nothing else in the interior is flame retardant. The heat shields under the car are a different story - definately asbestos. The only thing that I would add to your precautions might be coveralls that get rinsed outside before you bring them in the house. Keep in mind that this is not professional advice - just what I would do.
Depends which sound deadening you are talking about. The thick black mats that are glued to the metal under the carpet should be fine - I don't think that they contain asbestos.

However, the undercoating/sound deadening that is bonded to the metal, according to the factory manual, is a mixture of ashphalt, asbestos & solvents. It can usually be removed with a mixture of chiseling, dry ice, heating & solvents - but beware.
There is three layers under the carpet. From top to botom; plastic vapor barrier, white pad ( looks like a thin diaper), and then a black/brown fiber/ tar mixture that is bonded to the floor.

It is the fiber/ tar that concerns me. I'll try to post a picture.
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