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Hi all-

I'm going to be moving (within the region) in a couple of weeks, and would like to not have to move some of the really big bulky stuff that I don't have a use for. I've put asking prices on some of the stuff but if you're local and can come pick up you can make a borderline ridiculous offer and there's a decent chance I'd still say yes. All the stuff is in Ashburn, VA. A quick inventory:

3 4.56 rear ends. One early non-LSD for Dunlop cars (you can see one of the calipers still attached), and two LSD. One of the LSD axles has had the top of the mounting flange on the axle tube cut off - I'm guessing it was in a junkyard and they took the easy way out to remove it. It's on the removable side of the axle tube, so you could easily replace that side. I was thinking $200 for the intact LSD and half that for the other two.

2L Motor, intact. Early 2L block and late valve cover. Has Euro 10548 cams, a relatively new head gasket, and the desirable 2 pc exhaust manifold. When I pulled this I thought it had a problem as it suddenly went down on power and was running on 3 cyl. I thought it had burned a valve or something. I came to find out later the newly rebuilt SPICA pump had siezed a plunger (for the 2nd time!) and that the engine itself was likely fine. Before that problem it ran very strong, with lots of power (Euro cams!) and no major leaking or oil burning. Has about 25k miles on a rebuild done in the late '90s. $300, or I'll keep it as a spare.

2 gas engine analyzer - HC and CO. Unknown condition, includes manual and wheeled cart. No idea what this is worth.

NOS 'Fetta sedan front fenders. One side is Euro, one is American. Make an offer.

Turbinas, Campy and Cromodora, even some Alfetta, mounted and unmounted, coming out my ears. PLEASE come get these!

Chewed up rear '73-'74 Spider bumper. Banged up and sort of straightened out and epoxied to within an inch of its life. Could look OK on a semi-beater.

Please PM me if you're interested in any of this stuff. I'd rather sell it below market than move it.



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