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Dashboard lights

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Hi Guys,

I,m into my new project, a GTV 1750 Mark 1 in very original condition but needs a good resto job. I,m planning to spruce her up a bit on the interior side.

I found that although the dash veneer is absolutley original and untouched, it has only two round coloured indicator lights which is blue on the left side for the high beam and right for the dipped lights flanking the steering column.
The car is a 69 right hand drive, so where does the third handbrake light go or its not supposed to have one?

Thanks in advance..
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The Mk1s did not have a handbrake warning light.

Although the blue light is for the high beam, the green light should be for the parking (running) lights.
Hi Papajam,

You're always so helpful to gave around. I'll leave the dash as it is and just replace the veneers that I made.
Thanks again.
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