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Dash removal on 89 Quad

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Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. I couldn't find another thread. I'm in the process of replacing my heater core and/or valve and to get to the heater box, I believe I need to remove my dash. Is there any trick to doing this? I've removed the lower knee padding but can't find where the upper dash and instrument cluster come off.
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The center console needs to come out. (you may find that takes the longest so don't get dismayed). I'm not sure about the mono-pod instrument cluster but it is likely that needs to come out too. Then there are two bolts/screws on the outer edges of the dash (get your head close to the hinge pillar and look up) and then two wing nuts (seriously - wing nuts) up high under the dash towards the base of the windshield. Then the dash can be manueuvered out.
thanks for the info.

Thanks! I already have the center console out and both of the screws on the sides (one was missing). I see at least one of the wing nuts you are talking about. Unfortunately I can't get out there today to look at it but will soon. I'm removing the dash because I have coolant oozing onto the driver side floor.
When you get to the heater unit, make sure to service the fan blower motor. Any leaks will tend to soak the motor as it is positioned at the bottom of the heater unit. I also drilled a couple of small holes in the plastic housing so that if there is a future leak, it will drain out (unfortunately on the carpeting) before it ruins the motor.
Thanks for the information, hopefully I will have the chance in the next few days to do this.
While you are in there take a hard look at the cowl drain hoses. Much easier to replace while you have everything else out of the way. You may want to just go ahead and replace them anyway.

If you have or purchase a sacrificial socket of any appropriate random size. Grind a slot in the end that will fit over the wing nut. I don't know about the Alfa Spider dash wingnuts but on a different project this turned the just about impossible into a very easy task.

I spent about an hour scraping the hell out of my hands and arm trying to loosen the wing nuts, then I figured out that you can loosen them with socket on a long extension. I can't remember if it was a 23 or 24 mm socket, but it took about 60 seconds to get the other one off.
thanks for the info. I will run the hardware store tomorrow to see if I can get a socket wrench that will allow me to get up to that other wing nut. The first I got to through the glovebox. I'm assuming the instrument cluster will need to come out as well but I don't see where I would disconnect it. I have to admit this project is a little daunting but it definitely needs to be addressed as coolant continues to leak out of the heater box.
Thanks to all for the advice. I was able to get the dash off with a 23mm socket and extension. Now on to the heater box.
If the leak is the heater control valve you don't have to take out the dash..

if its the heater core that's a different story !
I have been reading some other threads which also point to this. How would I go about testing which is bad? One of the posters on the other thread indicated that S3 cores rarely go bad. I believe that I can remove the valve by removing the plastic heater extension and the unscrewing the valve but I haven't made it that far yet.
I currently have the same issue. After my car gets up to opperating temp. I see coolant running all over my floormats on both sides. Does the fact that it only leaks when the temp. rises indicate anything??? I also currently have both side covers removed and the wireing looks like it is everywhere. I have had alot of electrical troubles since I got my car and, to tell the truth, messing with the wireing is not something I look forward to.

Should I pull the dash and just replace everything under there myself, find an experianced mechanic, or just block off the heater and drive the sucker???

Tosaquad, I hope you get your car back togather soon and I did not intend to hijack your thread.
No worries, If you send me your email address I can email you a picture of where I'm currently at. It might make you feel better. :)
23mm socket to remove the dash? man, thats one big nut! I dont remember anything like that, and I yanked the dash 2X. Not sure if a 89 quad is the same dash as an 87 veloce......
There are two wing nuts at the top of the dash and the one by the drivers side is just about impossible to get at with the hand. The socket and extension worked nicely.
Yup, a socket to loosen the wing nut! I scrapped the hell out of my hand trying to get one loose and then thought of trying a socket to fit over the wing nut to loosen it. Works like a charm... you just have to have a long extension on it.
Does it help to remove the glove compartment to get the dash off of a 1990 spider out?

I cant seem to find that second wing nut.

Honestly, I don't know. My experience is on my 85. Others might know better here.
Yep, I almost think it's necessary. There are two wing nuts that secure the dash in place. One is just to the left of the glove box and the other is buried on the drivers side and you'll need an extension to get it loosened. It's not so much of a fun chore.
In my experiences its not necessary to remove the glove box. I pulled a dash out of a spider last weekend with no trouble at all.
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