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Cylinderhead number

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Recently I bought a Giulietta Spider Normale 1957. I've noticed that the engine number is 1315.011417, so according to my information is a engine corresponding to a Sprint 101.02 of 1959. I want to check if the cylinderhead correspondons to this crankcase; its number is 10100-01500-01. ¿Can someone confirm it? Thank you for helping
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Hello Eusebio

Yes, the engine does come out of a '59 Sprint Normale 10102.

The cylinder head number is for a 101 car - this could be due to two things, firstly in the time of the Interim cars, Alfa began fitting the 101 cylinder head to the early 750 crank case - requires longer studs. or secondly, a previous owner fitted the 101 head - normally by machining the head at the 10 stud holes to cater for the shorter 750 studs.

Some 750's
Some 101's
Some 105's
Some others
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Thank you Craig. I think that crankcase and cylinderhead match. In the year 1959, began the production of 101 engines, with numbers 1315.010001 onwards for the Sprint and Spider and 1315.500001 onwards for the Berlina. For the 750 of this year the numbers are of five 1315.06904---sprint , 1315.44770...... Spider
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