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Selling stuff on alfabb

I will jump in here as someone who also has a problem with your selling on the alfabb.
I also work for a company that makes items of interest for the auto enthusiast. We make shirts, shoes, hats, , , , , , whatever.
I certainly would love to put my stuff out there, in front of a lot of potential customers, without any sales cost.
We, our small company, make it a practice to not post on this bb, or to activly pitch to our fellow Alfa Club members. We pay to have a booth at SEMA, and at Monterey. We have our stuff on many internet sites, with permission, and some times with paying fees.
I am sure your signs are top notch and your licensing fees to all the auto makers you show must be thru the roof. My sympathy.
But please do not post on alfabb for free.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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