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Is anyone using or planning to install this electronic ignition system on their Spiders?
Mine (1971 1750) came with it from the previous owner. It also has the matching coil installed. From what I have read from the Crane instructions, it says to install the ballast ceramic resistor in line with coil, as it was in the original points-type setup, then use a bypass wire from the start circuit. So, in my case, the original Marelli ballast is attached externally to this new coil.

The coil has a 1.4 Ohm primary resistance by itself, and, once wired with the ballast, the primary resistance increases to a point where the 12 Volt fed to it goes down to around 5-6 Volt. When cranking, however, (and ony then) the ballast bypass feeds the full battery voltage to the coil

My question is: Isn't this voltage drop preventing the coil from developing the full secondary (high) voltage? I thought all coils work from a full battery voltage.
I appreciate any feedback,
Val Barone
Mary Esther, FL
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