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Craigslist Alfetta GTV

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saw this one one craigslist and emailed the seller, decided to pass. car has been sitting 6 or more years in primer. rust bubbles under rear windshield, etc... engine is claimed to have been rebuilt about 6 years ago but unstarted due to bad "fuel pump". i have no relation to seller, intrest in car, etc...just passing it along. car is in gastonia NC. the seller seems willing to take offers.
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Good decision on the pass...Seller doesn't even know what it is: "Alpha gtv6 looking model" :eek::eek::eek:

It appears to be a CA spec Sprint Veloce (I spy a smog pump filter, and the crossover pipe brackets are still intact on the cam cover - very unusual...) with Euro headers and missing it's wiper fluid tank... wonder what the rest of the body/wheels looked like...

Another one bites the dust...:(
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