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Picture is of mirror light LED replacement, got 6-led light on ebay (search for "festoon"), installed tiny switch, used "goop" as all the plastic was falling apart. Could use original switch, but again, plastic falling apart. Soldered light to clips bent in. Solder fast as the plastic light melts; use flux for quick soldering.

Light circuit strange, depends on ground from mirror mount screw. I bent ground terminal away from plug, not used. Be sure to put LED light in proper +/- orientation, it only works one way. Battery should light it for a month! I think one reason I got the car was that the owner left the mirror light on all the time and it drained the battery...

And, this is weird and no pic 'cause you don't know how the paint looked before, but rubbed "Fluid Film"
all over original '85 Graduate paint. Made it look new, deep orange/red, slightly wet looking.

Also used Fluid Film last week underneath car, sprayed everything (used undercoating sprayer thinned a bit with mineral spirits). Kind of neat, looks wet, dirt doesn't stick. harmless, also a good hand cream. Made of lanolin from sheep; used on navy ships, oil rigs, etc.



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