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I've borrowed concept 101's photo and hope he's okay with it.

As you can see his right corner of the padded top appears to have the vinyl tucked under the pad.

However, in my photo you can see there will be about a half inch of paint showing.

If I'm (very hopefully) incorrect and that it does not tuck under, a real quick answer would be helpful. I have two windshields coming in a few days and want to have everything ready.

The Spider came without a pad and it's my first 102.

Ulp! It appears to be a 101 - just like his 'name' implies. I'd still like an answer from any 102 Spider owner regarding to tuck or not.


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A 102 Spider is a Twenty-Hundred (2000) Touring Spider, sister to the 106 Series 2600 Spider.

I suspect you are referring to a 10102, are you looking for the early dash version or the later puffy dash, in which case you would get more joy with asking for dash details of a 101 Giulia Spider.

A chassis number would narrow this discussion down somewhat...

If you are looking at Concept 101's car, it's a Series III Giulia with the padded dash - an easier solution would be a thread search as re-creating the puffy dash was well discussed including pictures.
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