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About to swap out the old coolant tank for the nice IAP Aluminum one that just came in the mail- As well as the radiator temp fan switch which i believe to be my problem - I've had it jumped out with a manual switch for about a year now... Is there a particular type of coolant thats best for the GTV6? I'm going to post some pics- and may have more questions after this if my fan still doesn't come on with new switch.



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The cheap green conventional silicate stuff will work fine in Alfa engines provided you change it every two years. It's no longer sold by the major brands, but most auto parts stores sell it as a house brand. It should say "safe for aluminum engines" on the bottle (pretty much all of them are).

Personally I have been using the new yellow Prestone "any make/model" extended life organic acid coolant in the Milano and '91 Spider. Haven't seen any problems myself, but any issues might be subtle.

There have been some concerns about the organic acid coolants not protecting brass with lead solder as well as older green coolant. Prestone specifically says this is not a problem with their coolant, but if you have a car with a brass radiator or heater core you might want to use the green stuff to be safe.
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