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Convention Art/Model Car Show Thread

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All questions regarding the "ART / MODEL CAR SHOW" should be posted on this thread. For specific question, the contact person / Chair will be:

Sandy Ganun: [email protected]
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When members could draw!

From '73 Owner: Artist Roger Foin (Chicago Chapter) '67 Duetto


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I am hoping to bring some of my wooden alfa cut outs to Chicago. I am attaching some photos here, but they almost need to be seen in person for better appreciation. I made them originally for the garage, but the last batch a local designer purchased all for child's bedroom.


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Jerry, those are fantastic! I can't wait to see them in person. Talk to you soon.

In person???/ I want some for my garage/bedroom!!!:D:cool:
Post some more

Jerry, please post more of your work. How about the "Chicago Convention" pieces you posted on the other thread?

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