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Connecting to a 2001/2 156 2.5 v6 ECU

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So I have finally been successful in connecting to the engines ECU, so I thought I'd share how:

1. Notebook running Multiecuscan 4.7 (
2. VAG KKL lead from USB port, plugged into (Details: VAG KKL 409 USB+Fiat Ecu Scan diagnostic cable)
3. Green adaptor lead, then plugged into car port (Details: 3x A1 A2 A3 16-Pins Cable Adapter Connector For Fiat For alfa Romeo Lancia OBD II 2 Specification: Product Name:Adapter Type: Adapter Terminals: 16 Pins)

Hope this helps others
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Told you Pete it was possible. Interesting that same fault as my V6 (temp sender faulty) shows on Multiscan. It doesn`t seem to alter the way it runs with mine and at the moment I`ve left the sender alone however the gauge has always been slow so presumably the signal to the ECU is showing the engine is colder than it is for longer and thus getting a richer mixture for longer after startup - I must put my Lambda sensor on it during startup to check. It runs pretty well at the moment and has a nice clean rear pipe plus will start in 6th gear from rest with very little clutch slip to get under way. (my TS will do this too from 5th -its top gear). I think only two of our 105`s will do that :eek:ur `65 Giulia Ti with std 5.12 rear end and 1750 engine, and our `71 Spider 1300 Junior with 4.56 rear end and 2 litre engine. Neither of the 156`s drive like they are under geared but they have pretty good torque all over as you know. Incidently the Ferrari 308 GT4 we have is much the same having a very wide usable torque band and although there is lots of clutch slipping to get under way in top gear (5th) it can start easily in 4th and is very similar to an Alfa whereas the Lancia Fulvia V4`s had no power below 4000 rpm and all the BMWs I`ve owned from 2002 Tii to E36`s were the same with the exception of our old manual E36 318i (M40 engine with SOHC/8 valves but late design) which was a mighty" Alfa like" car. For a road car it is great to have a wide torque band if it is a manual.
As I`ve said before 156`s are a brilliant Alfa but under appreciated by the general public and I believe certainly in 2 litre TS, 2.5 V6 and 3.2 GTA likely to be a minor collectible Alfa.
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