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Chan, it's a Alfa! Of course it's going to make it!

Here's some drive's I've done in my GTV, to give you confidence.

Purchased my car in Santa Rosa, and drove back with no problems (430 miles). Drove to Willowsprings for the high performance AROSC school. 80 miles one way, then reved my car for 3 hour's on the skid pad & track. Drove back home 80 miles, drove back to Willow the following mourning, and another 3 hours on the track & skid pad, and drove back home. I did a total of 380 miles that weekend, and I did not even pour a quart of oil, I was blown away. Oh yah... I also drive to Willow at least once a month to watch Anthony race. Last thing, I drive my car like a maniac, my car see's the redline mark more then once in a day, and I drive it everyday.

Don't be ashamed of you're Alfa, mine's just as bad.

Oh yeah, I have no problem parking in the front row, for all I know, my car has not been restored so it's more orginal then the restored ones.:p If I end up going to Monterey, meet me in the front row with the Alfa's, or in the Ferrari section :D :D :D (I'm always late, so i'll end up being in the back anyways)
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