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Selling a set of four Compomotive (Heinbrand) TX replica wheels, 15x5.5.

Located near Boston, but I can ship at buyers expense.

I bought these 4 years ago from another Alfisti, for use on my 1956 Giulietta race car. I’ve used them for about 6-8 hours of track time.
Why selling: The extra 0.5” of width is not compatible with my very low race suspension and causes tire rubbing with 185/70-15 race tires. I need to go back to 15x5 rims.

condition: 8/10. I do not believe these have ever been used on public roads. Age unknown.

No curbing or bends but the paint is slightly scuffed on the inner/outer lips and there is some light abrasion on the faces that should polish out with some medium compound. I will clean them up this weekend and update pics.

I am not sure what these are worth, but new wheels from Europe are about $210. how about $125/ea?

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Good price! If I didn't have a set already for my Ti I would not hesitate.
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