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I do mean complete.

From the fuel pump and filter to the air-box and all that you want in between.

If I use this '74 Spider engine it will be on Webers.
Engine is running now so I know the SPICA is working well.

Do not want to break up the set, I know that once the pump is sold the rest would not be worth much.
If there are parts you do not want that is fine, just offer enough for what you DO want.

This is for the SPICA injection system only, NOT the engine itself.

MIGHT sell the engine too but that gets to being more money as it seems to be in very good shape.

Not sure what a complete SPICA system is worth, a lot more if I were trying to buy it I'm sure.

So make a fair offer and keep it in our community and off Fee-Bay.

May take partial trade for items I need, new seat upholstery for the Spider, '74 Grill, new tires, ?

Removing this system is a bit of work, you are welcome to come and get it yourself if you like for a lower price.

Gardnerville Nevada, fifteen miles from Lake Tahoe.

[email protected]


1 - 2 of 2 Posts