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Complete Smog Set-Up for 1979 Spider

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Hoping to keep from joining the ranks of the California Spider Exporters Club!

Help me keep a beautiful specimen rolling down California streets!

I am in need of a complete smog set-up for a 1979 Spider.
Need the pump, the rails, the whole shebang.

If I don't find the parts, you'll see me post again... But to sell it. :frown2:

I will take anything you have, so please let me know! I would also love to hear if this is a completely fool-hearted thing to take on!

Thanks - Tim
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I might have what you need. late 70's engine spica, from a ?alfetta? engine is a spare, but I don't need the smog stuff. in Colorado. will have to check and see if it's all there.
I have an extra pump, but no bracket, or air injection rail. Does the car have the correct exhaust manifold to accept the air injection rail? I think one key to passing will be a fresh catalytic converter. Let me know if your are interested in an air pump. Also, the Alfetta's smog equipment mounted differently from the Spiders and the pumps use a cogged belt and different pulley...IIRC. I think an engine in the proper state of of tune, with all smog equipment and a fresh converter will pass.
smog set up

I believe that I have an entire set up that I boxed and was going to ship but the buyer backed out of the deal. The pump has new bearings in it.
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