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Cold Start problems

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About one week ago I noticed that the engine will retain about 2K rpm when coming to a stop when the car is warm/hot. I blip the throttle and the rpms drop to a comfortable 900-1000.

About 3 days ago the car suddenly would not start without many attempts after sitting overnight. I park facing downhill at about 15-17 degrees.

This problem coincided with an overnight delluge that managed to leak through the windshield gasket (I assume) and dripped onto my throttle foot when I attempted to start the car in the A.M. Don't think this is anything more than a coincidence as it happended only once while the cold start problem continues.

Once started it holds spark and idles quite fine. It has no problem starting like a champ when up to temp.

I have not pulled codes yet and the plugs are not especially fouled, though they are getting close!

Any thoughts?
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For cold start problem check coolant temp sensor, bosch connector to it and wire terminals under rubber boot and terminal pins to be sure they are locked into connector. Pack sensor terminal end with dielectric grease. the 164 engine will start fine hot but not cold if sensor connection bad. It is the "choke" device. See item 4 in picture it sets under top hose to thermostat at a 45 degree angle.

For sticking throttle at 2k check min/max switch (item 8 second pix) on throttle body for sticking and proper clicking 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 degrees.


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Steve: I think you must have hit it on the head b/c I pulled the 1-2-1-4 code that indicates an extreme coolant temp was sensed, either below 94 F or above 283 F. Neither has occured, of course. I am suffering a coolant issue from one of the hoses from part no. 8, so I have been in the expansion tank a few times. I will check the connections and report my results.

Awesome, as usual !!

Part ITEM number 4 in first picture is coolant temp sensor (1214 code) and part ITEM 8 in pix 2 is min max switch (sticky throttle).
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