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Coil-Packs Arching/Rough Idle Fix;

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Well, I was pretty skeptical at first, but I tried the Mylar/milar-type plastic sheets cut to fit underneath the coil-packs and down inside of the spark-plug holes and it works great!

Smooth idle - no coil-pack ticking and no light-show!
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Nice work John, now can you source me a lower radiator hose for my 405 MI 16 Peugeot? If you can pull that off you are a miracle worker lol
...and 30 minutes later its back... ***!?
OK scratch the finding my lower rad hose for my pug thing! Those coils must have a ton of high voltage in them, or maybe high voltage and for a coil a decent amount of amperage. Try small rubber o-rings under your fiberglass trick, see if that stops it from arcing.
Using mylar sheet (a very heavy grade of Boeing drawing sheet) under the coil packs and down the plug holes was the first thing I did when I bought the LS several years ago. Has worked fine since, still no light show.
I cleaned the undersides of the coils and spread a thin layer of red RTV sealant all over,and up by the magnetic core pieces. That worked a treat, and lasted.

164QV 94 red
164 super 94 black.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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