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clutch weirdness

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So last Friday evening I was going through my pre-inspection check to see if all the lights were working on my DD '82 beater and the reverse lights weren't, so I jacked up the rear and wiggled the connector on the t/a and that fixed the problem. But while doing that I discovered that I had no clutch, which was a bummer because I needed to get it out of the garage so I could bring my daughter's volvo and replace the lower A arms before getting it inspected. So I topped up the reservoir (it was pretty empty) and pumped the pedal like mad so I could then check for evidence of a leak. Couldn't find any, so next morning I order a replacement MC from Andy just to be on the safe side since mine looks original. Then I bled the slave a bit, just to see if I was getting pressure from the master and I didn't get out as much as I expected, maybe a tablespoon or so. But it magically cured itself and I have clutch again so I'm back driving it. Maybe I have a minuscule leak at the slave or something, but I'm not seeing the level in the reservoir change at all. Does any of this seem familiar to anyone? I'm loath to change the master (the slave is new 4-5 years ago) if I don't have to, but I don't relish losing the clutch again when I'm out running errands for my wife. (She knows I'll always volunteer to run errands in the GTV6.)

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