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Clutch Slave for 75 same as Alfetta?

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I need to replace a clutch slave on a 1989 75. Its not the same as the typical NA Milano or GTV6 slave.
Its looks like the one Centerline sells for Alfetta models. Slave Cylinder Alfetta | Centerline International
Can anyone confirm it will work on a 75 model?
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Just to be clear.
If the TS uses the push type clutch pressure plate and not a pull type pressure plate they might be the same. But commonly the later transaxle cars in the USA with V6 engines have very different slave cylinders These mount on the transmission and the Alfetta ones mount on the clutch cover
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Thanks for your input Richard.
Yes, its a push type clutch pressure plate. The slave cylinder is bolted to the casting of the clutch cover.
I pulled this pic off the net as an example of the set-up.

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Just to follow up to the thread I started, clutch slave was order from Centerline (Part #CC250), received and I've now installed it to the car. The photos below show the differences to what I believe may be the original slave (cannot verify though). Over-all body length is the same, they differ at the rear where the new slave has a shoulder and the push rod has a different tip as shown in the photos. Infact, I do prefer the design of the new unit, as it just easily fell into place I think due to the shoulder design. I had a harder time removing the old from the bellhousing, with no shoulder. Hope this help someone else in the future.

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