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Clutch problem!!!

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Hi every one! Sorry, but my English is not so good, so will be difficult for me to describe the problem that I have. It has to do with the clutch…
I had my second 33 (Imola, 1.4 ie) for almost 8 months now and it goes like a dream, but this last month I’m having the impression that the clutch is not doing it’s job properly, its OK when I change the gears, but when I release it I get the impression that it doesn’t seize, stick how it must do, because when I push the accelerator the revs will go up but the car feels lazy and gives you the impression that the power is not being full-transmitted to the wheels.

What do you suggest, any idea?!!!:confused:
Thanks in advance.
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your clutch is slipping - time for a new clutch :)
I second that, welcome back to the BB Elvis! Time for a new clutch...its not a serious problem.
If you drive it a lot try not to let it slip too much by not revving the engine. If you rev it and it slips it will heat up the flywheel and you could end up with tiny heat cracks in the flywheel that need to be machined out. machining probably wouldn't be a bad idea anyways, and isn't to expensive.

best of luck:)
me again

Hi 77SudTi, has been a long time since I posted my last thread, this doesn't mean that I forgot about the forum:D:eek::p, I have always been checking it up and reading most of the threads and I'm glade you remember me...anyway, I just bought the full set of the new clutch for a very good price, since I am the only customer in that shop that owns a 33:D:D:D(is good to own a 33 actually:p). The price that I got is about 65 Euro:eek::eek::eek:
Need to go back working, boss is screaming, I'll post soon.
clutch changed

Hi everyone!

Just changed the clutch yesterday. I had a look to the old one but doesn't look very bad, I mean is thick enough not to slip, doesn't look consumed... anyway now my 33 has a new clutch set. SHE GOES LIKE A DREAM, no vibrations, no slip, more power...:D I'm happy now.

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