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Hi all -
I wanted to share two things that came up today on the Spider.

First, I went to replace the clutch fluid, starting with the conventional step of opening the bleeder nipple and attaching a hose terminating in a jelly jar (no jelly, of course). I went inside for 3 seconds, came back out, and oops, reservoir is empty. I scratched my head and wondered how I could get the job done without my TA (trusted assistant), and then thought, if the fluid is flowing by itself via gravity, why not let the system drain/refill itself - as long as you can plug the hole in the reservoir to occasionally empty the jelly jar and not introduce any air in the process?
Well, it worked. The clutch now engages within an inch or tow of the floor and everything feels/looks to be in fine working order. The transmission is still grunchy, but less so. Can anyone find fault with this approach? I know it wouldn't work for the brakes, but seems like a no-brainer for the short path of the clutch system.
The other thing was that, while I was dirty and mechanically engaged, I decided to have look at the accelerator pedal, which, by casual observation, always seemed too complicated. I unbolted it and was trying to figure out why AR added this odd piece of metal and what it was used to adjust. After looking at new pedals online, I realized the PO added a brace because the pedal had broken in half (that's some hard stomping). Which means he:
- fabricated the brace to fit the pedal
- drilled 6 holes in the brace - three for bolts and three for rivets
- drilled 4 new holes in the pedal - 1 bolt, 3 rivets
- and then cobbled the whole thing together.
Got to hand it to him, that's alot of ambition to avoid a new part.
I've included a photo for your viewing pleasure.

As always, thanks in advance.


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